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Welcome to Poppy Fields 
We are a small family run denture clinic and dental laboratory whose aim is to provide quality dentures to all. 
Unfortunately even the best made dentures are with time going to need replacing, this is ultimately down to the changes in the shape of the mouth and wear and tear of the denture tooth surfaces. 
Below we have compiled a list of reasons why it is advisable to have your dentures checked over by a professional: 
The tooth surfaces have worn flat 
They are loose or rock from side to side 
They keep breaking 
You have had tooth extractions or additional teeth added to your plate 
You can not see the teeth when you talk or smile 
The dentures do not support your facial tissues properly 
You have difficulty pronouncing certain words 
You have difficulties chewing your food 
The dentures are heavily stained or feel furry 
If you are having denture problems or would just like them looked at why not book a free no obligation consultation/assessment. This gives Steven the opportunity to bring to light any improvements that could be made or the best course of action to take.  
How are we different 
At Poppy Fields we work solely on dentures, this gives us the experience needed to overcome many of the problems often associated with dentures. Also every stage of the denture fabrication is carried out by the same team, this makes every case more personal and individual. It also gives you the opportunity to state your individual requirements e.g: a diastema (small gap between the front teeth) or a more natural setup where not all of the teeth are set straight. Our dentures are all made on site reducing the production time to just two weeks. We also offer a guarantee of up to 5 years 
Ivobase Injector 
We have invested in the latest technology available to dentures the long awaited Ivobase Injector. All denture plastic on curing (setting) shrinks slightly, this means that all dentures do not fit as tight as they could or should do. The machine works by controlling the way that the acrylic is cured, as the acrylic sets and shrinks the machine forces more acrylic into the denture mould to compensate for the shrinkage. (click here for a video demonstration) 
The plastic used is also the most advanced denture plastic available - Ivobase high impact. It is very strong, highly plaque resistant, it is more hygienic as bacteria is less able to adhere to it. This plastic also has a very low residual monomer count making it more bio-compatible and less likely to cause a reaction to sensitive gum tissue. 
A little about us 
My name is Steven Greene. I am a qualified Denturist or Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) and a registered Dental Technician (RDT). I have been working as a Dental Technician for over 20 years, during this period I have concentrated all my time on the manufacture of dentures. 
What is a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT)? 
A CDT is a specially trained Dental Technician who has undergone additional training in the clinical aspects of prosthetic dentistry. 
This training includes 
Impression taking 
Bite registration techniques (techniques to record the way the top and bottom jaw line up) 
Latest materials 
Advanced denture fabrication techniques (Bio Functional Prosthetic system) 
Techniques for flat gums 
Infection control systems and universal precautions 
Clinical examinations 
Medical record keeping 
New dentures (full and partial) 
1 hour denture repairs 
Fast track dentures  
Relines (denture tightening) 
Soft linings 
Metal dentures (chrome) 
Gold tooth inserts 
Porcelain teeth 
On-site laboratory 
An approachable and friendly team 
Downstairs surgery with disabled access. 
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The clinical part of denture fabrication is usually carried out by a dentist. In 2008 the GDC (general dental council) made it possible for dental technicians with the correct additional training to register and officially become Clinical Dental Technicians. 
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