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Frequently asked questions 
Q: How long does it take to make new dentures? 
A: It usually takes four appointments for the standard dentures and five for the higher quality ones, we aim to provide two appointments per week giving a time frame of about two weeks. 
Q: Can you make a set of dentures in a day? 
A: Yes, it is possible to have all the appointments spread throughout a day. Advanced notice is needed for this as it will take up all the clinical and technical working time of that day. There is also an extra charge for this service. 
Q: Can you make a denture without taking impressions? 
A: It is possible to take a mould from an existing denture, however the new denture will not fit any tighter and if the denture that the mould was taken from had broke in the past then the new one would also be prone to breakages. 
Q: Do you do home visits? 
A: No. Sorry we are unable to offer this service anymore. 
Q: What is high impact acylic. 
A: High impact acrylic is a strengthened form of denture plastic and it is more resistant to breakages if dropped. All private dentures should be made from it. 
Q: I cannot tolerate the impressions is there another way? 
A: Yes there is, there is a method where a small amount of silicone paste is injected onto the fitting surface of the denture (the part that fits onto the gum) and then the dentures are put into the mouth. The paste moulds to the shape of the gums giving us an impression, the denture can then be made in the usual way. There is no need for us to keep the dentures. This is not the best way of making dentures but it solves a problem for people who cannot tolerate impressions. 
Q: Emergency denture repairs? 
A: No Problem! we can repair a denture within 1 hour. 
Q: Do you guarantee denture repairs? 
A: No, when a denture is repaired it is put back together to how it was before the repair. The problem which caused the denture to break will still be there, usually poor fit/rocking. If your denture keeps breaking you really should get them looked at, we can do this for you. 
Q: I have lost a tooth can you add a one onto my denture. 
A: Yes, this is no problem it usualy takes 2 hours to complete. 
Q: Can you make metal dentures (Chrome-cobalt) 
A: Yes we can. The metal frameworks are made at a specialist laboratory we then fit the acrylic teeth to them. 
Q: Is there parking nearby? 
A: Yes, our building backs onto Hanover street car park which is now Waitrose. We have one private space just outside. 
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