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Denture repairs and tooth additions 
We offer a 1 hour denture repair service. Tooth additions require an appointment and takes 2 hours to complete. 
Denture Relining 
With time gums shrink causing a gap to form under the denture making it feel loose. A reline is an infill of this gap making the denture feel more secure. A reline requires an appointment and takes 2 hours to complete. 
Range of Dentures 
Dentures may look similar but they can vary greatly in the materials used and consequently in the time that they will last. 
Not all dentures are the same, no mouth is the same and there are a lot of different ways of producing a set of dentures, some more time consuming and technically difficult than others. This is why some are more expensive than others. With higher priced dentures you are paying for the additional time required for manufacture and expensive high-tech, hard wearing materials. 
NHS/Budget denture 
These are made using basic quality teeth and plastic and are designed to simply replace the function of the lost teeth. We do not offer this sort of denture as we feel they are not adequate at fulfilling the needs of a denture. 
Standard denture 
These dentures are made using the traditional denture making method, using high quality materials (teeth and plastic). The teeth used are Ivoclars Vivodent SPE they are built up in layers which give them a natural look. The top layer is a very hard material which give them a good rate of wear. The acrylic we use (pink plastic) is called Diamond D it is a premium high impact denture material claiming to be up to 3x stronger than standard denture acrylic. As we only use quality materials we are able to offer a breakage guarantee of 5 years for full denture sets and 3 years for part denture sets. 
Diamond D High Impact Acrylic 
Ivoclar Vivadent SPE teeth 
Up to 5 Year Guarantee 
Advanced Dentures 
These dentures are made using an advanced technique called Bio Functional Prosthetic System (BPS) from Ivoclar. It is a technique where every stage of making the denture is accurately customised to the mouth, jaw and facial tissues. 
These dentures are not cheap but the extra costs involved in materials, production time, and the extra longevity of the dentures make them worth the extra spending. 
Ivoclar Ivobase injection moulded high impact 
Border moulded impressions 
Gothic arch tracing 
Facebow reading 
Bio functional tooth positioning 
Contoured and stippled gumwork 
Up to 5 year guarantee 
Ivoclar Vivadent SPE Teeth 
Multiple layers and high shade intensity give a lifelike appearance to the tooth. Highly cross-linked polymer with a higher compressive strength result in an extended wear resistance. 
Ivobase Injection Moulded High Impact Acrylic 
During the curing process (setting the denture in plastic) acrylic resin is transformed from a dough like material to a hard plastic. During this process the acrylic resin shrinks causing inaccuracy’s in the fit of the denture (looseness). With the Ivobase system a machine injects acrylic into the denture mould and heats it, as the acrylic is setting and shrinking more acrylic is fed into the mould to compensate the shrinkage of the material (A demonstration video here). Using this method gives an accurate fit. 
Border Moulded Impressions 
We take close fitting border moulded master impressions. With this type of impression, the muscles and the mouth tissue mould the shape where the denture borders should ideally be. The denture will then support the muscles of the mouth and will have an improved fit. A suction on the lower denture is sometimes achieved. 
Gothic Arch Tracing 
A device is made to fit into the mouth. Jaw movements are performed which the device traces out. An accurate bite is then obtained from the device. 
Facebow Reading 
This device allows us to measure the position of the maxillary arch (upper gum) and record its position in relation to the condyles (hinge of the jaw). This position is then transferred in that position to an articulator (a piece of equipment used to set denture teeth.) It is of benefit as every mouth is different and using a facebow sets up our equipment to how each mouth is. This will allow us to set the teeth at the correct angle for each case. 
Vacuum mixed die stone model casting 
Die stone has very low setting expansion and vacuum mixing gives a more dense mix. Together they give a more accurately produced casting of the impression. 
Contoured Gumwork 
Naturally each tooth has a root which give our gums that uneven bumpy effect. We carve this effect by hand into the acrylic to give the denture a more natural look. 
there is a lot of technical information listed here, we offer a free consultation where we can talk to you and explain to you the procedure more. Please call for an appointment. 
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